What Are The Benefits Of A RBL Bank’s Credit Card?

The credit card industry has registered a steady increase despite the introduction of various new payment modes, such as digital wallets, UPI, and mobile banking. Credit cards help you procure substantial funds to cover your expected and unexpected expenses. RBL Bank offers a wide range of credit cards with exclusive benefits that best suit your lifestyle needs and spending patterns. 

Scroll down to know more about RBL Bank’s credit card benefits.

Redeeming Rewards

RBL Bank offers various rewards, including cash refunds, loyalty points, travel miles, discounts, vouchers, and complimentary gifts. The cards provide rewards on multiple platforms such as shopping, travel, hotel stays, bill payments, etc., and could help you reap huge benefits. 

Note: While you can redeem benefits online, RBL also offers an offline acquisition service by calling the RBL customer support and having the rewards delivered to your doorstep. 

Booking movies

One of the many RBL credit card benefits is availing special offers on booking movie tickets online, which includes customised discounts, cash-backs, and loyalty points for the user.

Dine-out rewards

Using specialised RBL credit cards on your fine dining excursions could save a lot of money via free annual Zomato memberships and huge discounts. The card also offers cash-back on home delivery of delicious food to treat your taste buds anytime, anywhere.

Add-on Card

RBL bank also offers a supplementary card at no extra cost, which your family members could use. Both the cards share common benefits and have a single, combined credit limit to track the expenditure.


One of the key benefits of having an RBL Bank credit card holder is you can pay utility bills such as mobile, landline, electricity, gas, insurance, etc., with ease through the RBL MyCard App, before the due date. You can set reminders or auto-pay options and raise bill-related queries easily through the app in case of any payment issues. 

Transfer ‘n’ Pay

With this exclusive and pre-approved facility, you can transfer the balance from any credit card to your RBL Bank Credit Card and repay the amount with a minimum processing fee in low-cost EMIs, as per your convenience, over a tenure of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Additional benefits

Complimentary international lounge access while travelling, medical insurance cover, travel insurance, etc., are also among the many benefits of securing an RBL Bank credit card.

Cash advance program

With an RBL credit card, a pre-approved cash advance is offered within the card’s credit limit without any documentation to selected RBL Bank Credit Card members. The user can opt for this cash with flexible repayment options in easy instalments by paying a nominal interest fee and processing fee. Likewise, RBL credit cardholders can also avail ‘Dial for Cash’ program that offers a pre-approved loan without blocking the credit limit.

Final thought

A modern-day requirement, the RBL Bank credit card surely comes in handy when you require considerable funds along with countless discounts, rewards, cash-backs, and loyalty points to maximise your savings. A convenient option for multiple transactions worldwide, RBL Bank’s credit card promises to be a bundle of joy.

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