Nike Tech Fleece Pants

so you’re on the Nike Tech Fleece Pants website you come across a nice pair of sweatpants or joggers called Nike tech fleece jogger pants so in this blog we’re gonna discuss if they are worth it or not we’re gonna go over a few pros and cons

and we’re gonna do it quickly honestly there should be more content like this out there on my website included very to-the-point clothing and sneaker content that helps you make your buying decision so what I’ve got

here is a pair of Nike tech fleece jogger pants in the original gray color now right from the jump let’s get into it do I think spending $110 on these pants is worth it no no no before I tell you the bad let’s get into the good this is a

fresh pair that I got I don’t know a few months ago and man when you get these in and you put them on there are no sweatpants that feel like it the material is a cotton polyester blend that is super soft to the touch as soon as

you grab it off the rack or unbox it or unbag it you’re like damn this is some soft stuff when you get that full Nike tech fleece jogger setup on with the hoodie included you don’t want to take it off it feels glorious it’s lightweight

which is good for walking running and just in general so comfort great how about the fit this tailored streamlined modern tapered fit is it good on the Nike tech fleece pants yes it’s it’s pretty good that’s all the good stuff let’s get

into the bed price point you know $110 for sweats that is very expensive now my personal opinion would I spend over a hundred ten dollars on a pair of sweats yes I would what I hesitate yeah I’d have to make sure that

that was gonna be worth it when it comes to pants and shorts before I buy something I look at my closet and I’m like alright do I have something like this price is always iffy because it’s really up to you does spending a

hundred dollars on a pair of sweats mean nothing you do that all the time no biggie then this is not really a big factor for you however these do go on sale and pretty often so if you do enough digging and hunting you can find

these on sale you can get these right now for around $85 if you’re interested check below price aside let’s dig deeper material does it hold up over time immediately I will tell you this know these pants started pilling eight or

nine months after I got them you know if you’re gonna spend over $100 on sweats you’re gonna expect for those to be in your closet for a while next very important here the fit how did the fit hold up over time and you might

be like what do you mean like when you get a pair of sweatpants that’s how they fit forever no the taper on these is very aggressive they are a skinny fit pair of joggers if that’s not your style then these are not for you  straight up

they’re designed to show off your shoe do they stay tapered over time and still give you that same look no  they don’t this pair completely lost its shape like I don’t even know what that is the thighs got as wide as a mailbox this

knee area that has a separate panel to help with that tapered look they like poke out like a potato and the cuff at the bottom got super stretched out so if you’re gonna have a pair of joggers like this you want them to at least be

somewhat tight around your ankle nobody’s wearing baggy cuffed joggers it really defeats the purpose if this thing is like going over the tongue of your shoe also the crotch area totally bottomed out so it’s kind of like a drop

crotch like the old fog sweat pants used to be and I don’t really like that look the fit over time no bueno and it got to this point somewhat quick now I will say this they did make a few updates I believe this material is somewhat

different than this pair is and then lastly let’s get into the function there’s this huge pocket on the right side that you can fit anything and you want groceries timberland boots your sidekick your car keys whatever it is  it’s

gonna fit in this pocket but over time that pocket pretty much just extends down to your ankle I’ve got a hole in the right side pretty quick which leaves me with the left pocket  which is pretty shallow the draw cord on this

pair has metal tips I lost one of the metal tips either in the wash or I  don’t know it just it came off same thing with the zipper on the right side but they have updated this to rubber after all that I do think that Nike tech fleas are

worth $110 do I think they’re worth 85 which they’re on sale for right now debatable my recommendation if you can get them for 50% off they’re worth it it’s hard to find but if you do some hunting you can definitely find nike tech fleece pants.All nike tech fleece pants available world best choice amazon.

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