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About Michael Reeves :

Real Name: Michael Reeves YOUTUBE STAR Gender:  Male   Most Popularity:  ​#2549. Location: Maui, HI AGE:23 years old BIRTH SIGN:

Filipino-American software author that became known for his experiments with new technology and articles entailing robotics as seen on his self-titled YouTube network. He amassed greater than 4.9 million customers. He has also been a component of Offline TV.

Before Fame:

He established a firm called Infibit. Expertly, he became a full-stack designer while participating in the College of Hawaii.


His first viral video clip was “The Robotic That Shines a Laser in Your Eye.” In May-June of 2018, his video clip “Electrocuting My Muscular tissues to Force me to Dab” was watched nearly 1 million times in simply one week.

Family Life:

He is from the Unified Mentions. He was dating other YouTuber Lilypichu.

Associated With:

He tweeted at Logan Paul asking him “you want this?” and posting his “Electrocuting My Muscle mass to Force me to Dab” video clip as an accessory.

My Response To Michael Reeves | The Full Story:

so today i want to present you to michael reeves he’s a millennial university failure transformed computer system developer transformed robotic crazy researcher transformed youtuber transformed back to robotic crazy researcher transformed viral internet personality within a couple of

brief years he’s accumulated an adhering to of nearly 5 million customers on youtube 1 million on twitch and caught hit of multi-million view video clips showcasing his love for computer systems programming and tasers

whole lots and great deals of tasers i was captivated by absolutely nothing except a youtube formula work of art and as someone who’s deeply consumed with all aspects individual finance spending and conserving

money i needed to connect so we can obtain an inside look into how michael reeves had the ability to transform his love for computer systems programs and tasers right into a full time occupation and currently how he

takes care of and invests his newly found money so keeping that said here is how michael reeves conserves invests and invests his money wait on it michael reeves millennial money oh and incidentally if this video clip

obtains 100 000 likes michael reeves will tase me alright fine he was mosting likely to tase me anyhow but still make sure to shatter that like switch because it helps out my network greatly and subscribe because

why not and it is totally free simply takes you a split second and uh thanks a lot and let’s start here oh expand you mentioned robotics you can move my point with simply drifting your hand about like the way i got involved in it

was um i functioned a software development job for uh the federal government like a like like a inner tooling system for among like the general public college systems uh back where i am from on maui and i was

obtaining like very bored of uh programming and i used to have fun with programming so i like intentionally began doing actually like silly points much like maintain my rate of passion opting for it because i i’ve seen you

know it is like excellent to simply do foolish that is enjoyable how much were you production at that time yep it was 15 a hr which drawn because i resembled prominent their group at this very small rinky-dink university

what were you mading with that refund after that were you conserving it are we spending it i was still living in the house it resembled a it was a good idea but i uh i was conserving for the year of university what am i saying i

didn’t obtain scholarships so i needed to spend for it no spending seriously i took a small rate of passion in like a stock exchange and learned about it a little bit in university but that was that had to do with it so did you instruct

on your own to code um yep yeah simply internet’s like a great place particularly compensation sci it is much like like harvard places their computer system scientific research courses online you do not need to head

to harvard you can much like take a look at the harvard course online it is insane yep when kovit’s not about i most likely to universities and i burglarize their compensation sci courses simply act to be a trainee bring a

knapsack simply take a seat and they simply talk they do not take have you actually done that yep it is bad what yep you simply reach watch an university course without paying tuition it is incredible your first job did

you obtain that simply from information you learned online free of cost was it free very yes you are still free guy yep you simply take place youtube free courses um like you can enroll in skillshare or you dummy the meat of

it is constantly the exact same if they’re a respectable educator does a company take a look at that and see that you do not have a level and like what’s your level udemy i learned online youtube what you gotta do is you

gotta beginning doing silly tasks and they do not need to be silly simply you gotta beginning doing your own tasks so you do not need to go to like a office it is actually nice it is not like uh like you are a medical professional

you do not need to get on website to show something on a return to with software development you do not need to be operating in a business to you know make your own application you simply make your own application

and then currently you have that on your return to a microwave that just transforms on when you yell at it how would certainly i why why why draw it out what made you post that first youtube video clip i’ve been watching

youtube since i resembled very young and i i would certainly sometimes simply watch youtube for like 8 hrs a day and it resembled that is what i did it is simply bad yep therefore i am like it is not that it was easy but i am like

i i know i’ve constantly gone off of like i know what i prefer to see in a youtube video clip and it is like i’ll simply do what i would like to see if i was some other person watching it is like i indicate i’ll simply try it have

you ever believed to on your own gee i wish i had a robotic that could fire lasers right into my eyes while i certain have like i have not functioned simply doing like youtube and stuff long still i i obtained from my 1 year

university and then relocated back home for like the summer um and then i transferred to oahu which is a various island in hawaii not the island i am from and i simply kind of cooled there and was almost homeless and i think

that was the point when it resembled um it is someplace in in like that span of that obscure of time i resembled yep we should probably make this like a shot full-time at it not too shut because it is kind of hazardous so simply put

your hand up it’ll get to the sprinkle firstly i need it to be enjoyable and fascinating because after that i am gonna if if i beginning dealing with it like a task where i am much like planning about how to expand and grow

after that the way i consider it’s i i am simply back at fresh start where i went to my job and i resembled aiming to think about new enjoyable points to do this is the new enjoyable point for me you know and i should like stay

enjoyable and fascinating and not turn into like a work i should much like enjoy it i will not work on like tasks also if like possibly they succeed on youtube if i do not think they had be enjoyable and fascinating you know

um such as this what is this that we’re in oh yep this is the this is the from my last video clip we’re doing uh this is for the video clip with amazon it was all centered about uh the show on prime um it

is called the boys there is a scene where like a man uses a child superhero to cut 2 individuals in fifty percent he uses like the laser vision i put this with each other therefore the thing is it is like wow this is frightening so if

you give it a great drink like give it an actually hold it by the neck hold it by the neck hold wow yep it is drink turned on uh lasers come out wow alright so how about this could you damage down a little your business i indicate

certainly now it is it’s turned into an earnings resource where does that come from is it like youtube on top and then that trickles down everywhere is it like it is actually youtube is possibly like the youtube adsense resembles

10 of it i do not make like very much because of how much i like vow i they simply i do not obtain excellent cpm um so most of the earnings is actually from enrollers which is which behaves enrollers um i began doing twitch

recently which is which is cool so there is like earnings there but i do not actually stream because i need the earnings i simply it is it’s like an enjoyable point so when i obtain stressed from youtube i most likely to

twitch stress from twitch i most likely to youtube i take sponsorships that i like that i like do not make several video clips means i can simply take the sponsorships that i think are you know excellent items and i reach maintain

it like authentic like i do not do any sponsorships for like stuff i do not would not use myself or do not enjoy oh we should have spoken about my uh tutoring business i had on oahu so i simply made like a number of fake

websites and companies not not actually founding them i would certainly much like fake website fake craigslist advertisement 3 4 5 6 various companies jokes on you they’re all me

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