Do Not Miss the Xiaomi New Arrivals

Do Not Miss the Xiaomi New Arrivals (Mi Electric Scooter Essential + Mi 23.8’’ Desktop Monitor 1c + Mi Air Purifier 3c + Mi Air Purifier Pro H) 

Xiaomi Overview

A globally renowned name, Xiaomi manufactures and sells a wide range of products like smartphones, consumer electronics, accessories, and many other items. A trendsetter, Xiaomi continues to introduce new and innovative products, following a triathlon business model. The company focuses on hardware, internet services, and new retail. They are also known for introducing products at breakthrough prices that are generally sold by the other brands at much higher rates. Recently Xiaomi launched its Mi Electric Scooter Essential, offering the best value for money. Also among its new arrivals is Mi 23.8 inches Desktop Monitor 1C that comes with an eclectic price-performance ratio. With Mi Air Purifier Pro H, customers get a unique blend of effective working automation and affordable price. 

Mi Electric Scooter Essential

Third in line, following Xiaomi Pro 2 and 1S, Mi Scooter Essential is lighter than the previous models. Designed for people who like to ride slow and lightweight scooters, it weighs 12 Kg and drives at 20km/h Max. speed. Available at Mi Store and the company’s retail centers, the price of Mi Essential stands at Rs.69,999. Featuring a minimalistic design, the scooter can be folded in just three seconds and its height is 49cm, making it compact and easy to carry.

Mi Electric Scooter Essential Design and Features

Essential made almost no changes from its previous scooter models. Its sleek design and weight make it easier to carry. Equipped with IP 54 certification, Essential is dust and raindrop resistant. Ensuring safety of the rider, the scooter has a regenerative brake system along with E-ABS system that allows stability and smoothness. The handlebar has a comfortable, soft foam grip that allows better control. It also has an easy push button that helps control linear acceleration and offers moderate resistance. There’s another button that allows multiple functions like on/off, speed control, and headlight control. With the help of a multi-functional dashboard, speed can be monitored and it also displays battery. 

Some additional features that make Essential the best electric scooter are its compatibility with Mi Home App. This includes remote locking system, ride stats, and firmware updates. Offering convenience and affordability, Mi Electric Scooter has hit home with style, its lightweight, and persisting performance. 

Mi 23.8’’ Desktop Monitor 1C

Following its successful market hold in electronics, smartphones, connected devices, and TVs, Xiaomi has now also ventured into PC screens. Xiaomi Desktop Monitor 1C has a 23.8-inch panel, full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a response time of 6 ms. It also comes with a Flicker-Free technology that reduces eye-strain and takes care of flickering. The price of Mi desktop monitor 23.8 is Rs.24,999 and it is readily available on the Mi Store both online and motor and brick stores.

Mi 23.8’’ Desktop Monitor 1C Design and Features

Xiaomi has opted for an ultra-thin frame of 7.3mm and three of its sides are without rims that allow complete immersion. Offering a 178-wide vision, it gives panoramic view at a glance. The images appear realistic from every angle and the vision is quite clear. The Redmi desktop monitor has an immersive and narrow bezel design that comes without side borders. This increases the screen depth and improves the quality of picture. 

Through its compact design, the monitor leaves a lot of space on the desk and helps avoid clutter. Sleek and stylish in design, the desktop monitor looks wonderful sitting at the stop of your table, whether you’re at work or at home. Among its other standout features is the Low Blue Light Mode that reduces stress on the eyes and allows you to work with ease.  

Mi Air Purifier 3C Design and Features

Xiaomi has launched several models and versions of air purifiers, each providing better features and affordable rates. Mi Air Purifier 3C price in Pakistan is Rs.22,500 and can be purchased from the Mi official store without any hassles. 3C Purifier comes with a built-in True HEPA filter that provides effective filtration at three levels. The 360 degrees air purification duct system works at a high speed and keeps the air clean for a longer time. The Mi Air Purifier has high-precision laser sensors that help in changing the purification speed automatically. Filtered at three different layers, what makes 3C the best air purifier is its unique combination – primary filter, the True HEPA filter, and high-quality activated carbon layer. This removes bacteria, pollen, viruses, PM2.5, formaldehyde, and odors. With Mi Air Purifier 3C you can now breathe at ease with a continuous output of purified air.

Mi Air Purifier Pro H Design and Features

The latest Mi Air Purifier is designed to effectively purify PM2.5, formaldehyde, bacteria, and viruses. Available in color white, Mi Air Purifier Pro H can be purchased from Mi Store shop online and onsite shop for Rs.49,999. This model can output10000 liters of clean air per minute, using an optimized system of strong wind circulation. One of the main features of Xiaomi air purifier is that it can automatically detect air quality and is compatible with Mi Smart Home System. The high quality HEPA material is used for filters and it has capability of absorbing 99.7% particles. Mi Air Purifier Pro H also eliminates the smell of food, smoke, and other odor in the room. Simple and sleek design, user-friendly, and an intelligent interaction experience, Pro H has earned good reviews from the customers. 


As Xiaomi plans on launching more and wider range of smart home products, all of its other products have hit home with the customers. Mi Smart Home products always remain a preference due to affordability and quality features. Mi Scooter Essential can be on your wish-list as its convenience, comfort, and economical. Looking to add a desktop to your home office, invest in Mi 23.8’’ Desktop Monitor 1C as it’ll surely add style to the room. So look for some good deals and start adding more items to your Mi Smart Home System. 

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